Heaven and Hell

•November 24, 2010 • 1 Comment

I have been working on this digital painting for almost two years and I finally put the final piece together after my recent trip to Italy. I wanted to use the dome of St. Peters to represent heaven and of course I could not just pull some random image off the internet since that would devalue my work and most likely be copyright violation. So I was so excited when I got the chance to actually go to St. Peters and get this amazing interior shot of the dome. When I got home I added this to my incomplete montage and it created the perfect finished look.


Light the Night Walk

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Thank you for letting me be a part of the first annual  light the night walk. My apologizes but my website is temporarily down due to server issues. All of your group photographs should be posted above. Please contact me at: peelephotography@yahoo.com or 336 588 1792 to order your group shots! Images come in 5×7 ($15) and 8×10 ($25). If you would like a larger print let me know. Thanks again.

Austin Part II

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Well this past weekend I had another shoot with Austin and I think we came away with some even better stuff that the first shoot we did. We went to some different places this time and I think it helped create a different atmosphere. More pics from the shoot coming soon!


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Last week I had the chance to photograph a good friend of mine at his home. Alex lives in a newly developed subdivision but the cool thing is there is an old log cabin that sits about 200 feet from his townhome. He told me that the residents fought to keep the little cabin from being torn down when the new phase of construction began. Im glad they did because it was the perfect place to take some cool portraits!


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Last week I had the opportunity of working with Austin on a shoot here in Asheboro. Its so nice to work with models who know what they are doing, makes my job easier! It turned out to be a great day to get some pics and he wasnt afraid to try different poses and angles. I cant wait to work with Austin on another shoot in the near future!

Heath and Amber

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High up on the Mountain

•June 8, 2010 • 1 Comment

After all the hot and humid weather we have been having we finally got a break the other day and some friends and I went up to Hanging Rock State park for a day of hiking and photographing. I was afraid the clouds were not going to be interesting but they proved to be spectacular. I forgot how out of shape  I was till we started climbing the trail, three miles round trip! I haven’t been hiking since last October and I forgot how out of shape I was! However once we got to the top of Hanging Rock the view was amazing and well worth it as you can see from the panoramic (top) I shot. I cant wait to go back up again and try some more of the trails.